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Inspecting your property

Inspecting your property

Why Inspections are Needed!

One of the main purposes of carrying out inspections regularly is to make sure your property is being well looked after and that tenants are abiding by the agreement signed into. Regularly checking up on the overall condition of the interior and exterior of your property will ensure that there is no significant damage to the property and any repairs due can be done at a low cost before the problem escalates further. Having regular viewings allows landlords to maintain a relationship with their tenants and able to put faces to a name if you haven’t met before. As well as this, you’re able to scout out for any violations of the tenancy agreement such as smoking in the property or having pets if it is not allowed.

Kronos Estate Agents’ full management service will cover all regular inspections, providing an accurate report of the state of your rental property. This includes one of our experienced agents carrying out detailed quarterly inspections, leaving you reassured that your property is being well looked after.

Know your rights!

Landlords must provide at least 24 hours written notice (email or posted letter) to tenants when trying to arrange an inspection. If less than 24 hours notice is given then tenants have a right to deny entry into the property. We suggest when signing into a tenancy, inspection dates should already be set in date to prevent complications in the future.

When arranging inspection dates, we advise you do your best to arrange a date which both yourself and the tenants can agree with. These dates should be scheduled for a reasonable time and day so the tenant(s) can be present during the inspection. We advise that landlords aim to be civil with residents within their house, making it significantly easier when it comes to arranging a date for inspections and increases the likelihood that the property will be cared for.

Please note that having a spare key does not give landlords the right to enter the property. Always knock or ring the bell and wait to be let in. If landlords enter the property unlawfully, tenants have the right to get the locks changed. This is why we suggest you be as friendly and understanding as possible when it comes to arranging an inspection.

Things to look out for!

One of the most common issues which can arise in property includes leakage from pipes and showerheads which then leads to mould and rot in walls and ceilings. Although the problem starts small, it can quickly develop into something which cannot be fixed quickly. A build-up of mould can have a disastrous effect on any residents’ health such as wheezing and coughing and eventually a weakened immune system. Ensuring devices like extractor fans are working well in rooms prone to moisture, such as the bathroom and kitchen, will prevent the build-up of mould.

Peeling wallpaper, chipping paint or broken fixtures and fittings are all small issues which can be easily fixed. We always suggest giving them a good look over to make sure everything is in working order and being used as it should.

Garden/ Outdoor Maintenance - gardens are sometimes seen as a place to dump unwanted goods and rubbish. Often there are complaints made to landlords from neighbouring properties of the rubbish left outside. Eventually, this rubbish attracts pests and rodents into the property, creating an even bigger issue than what is intended for. Make the terms of the garden and outdoor space care clear from the beginning of the tenancy so, between yourselves and the tenants, there is no disagreement between who is responsible for what.

We understand that carrying out property inspections can be a tedious process, especially doing it as often as they should be done. If you would like out help in getting them done, contact us via phone at 020 8004 4477 or via email


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