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Hassle Free Property Management

Hassle Free Property Management

As the name suggests hassle-free property management will give you as a landlord peace of mind and it’s a viable option regardless of whether you have one property or 100.

Your letting agent will handle everything if you choose full management. This means putting your property in front of potential tenants, finding the right tenants, handling the rent collection, ensuring that your investment is safe from changes in regulations and so much more.

Buy to let market has changed so much in recent years and this is something that you cannot put a price on.

In this blog, we would like to give you a practical reason why full management is the way to go when it comes to renting your property out.

· Legislation is constantly changing: This means that there is a constant checking for any legislative changes. By opting for full management, it takes the legal aspect out of the equation.
· Good tenants will only come to reputable estate agents: Finding good tenants is not as easy as before due to good tenants tend to stay longer in the properties. This has a knock-on effect on the rental market. By choosing a reputable letting agent means that you are represented by a well-known name which tenant can easily put their trust in.
· Landlords will never be taken for a ride: With full management, the landlords can be rest assured that they won’t be taken advantage by demanding tenants.
· It’s a business expense: The fees that occur from opting a full management service are tax-deductible.
· Reduced stress: Dealing with collecting rents, repairs or any queries from tenants etc all of these things can be easily reduced by opting for full management.
· Regular inspections: Inspections are essential in order to ensure your property is being kept in good order. These inspections can also spot any of the subletting or any wrongdoings in the property. These hassles can easily be taken away with full management option.

Kronos estate agents offer all of the above and peace of mind to you as a landlord. To discuss your options for full management please call us on n 020 8004 4477 or email us at


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