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Legal Responsibilities of Landlords

Legal Responsibilities of Landlords

As landlords, you are responsible for ensuring that your property is safe for tenants and follows government regulation. Please find below the latest safety standards for your property:

  • Gas safety: Qualified personnel must carry out annual checks on every gas appliance in the property. They will determine whether the property passes the gas safety regulations or if they fail. If they do fail then landlords must make the appropriate changes until the gas safety passes.
  • EPCs need to be purchased for a property before it is let. The minimum rating for a property is E, anything below goes against regulations for a property that can be let. This needs to be carried out every 10 years.
  • Alarms: Smoke alarms must be installed on every floor being used as living accommodation. Carbon monoxide detectors are required where there are fuel-burning appliances such as a fireplace.
  • To reduce the risk of fire, all furniture must meet safety standards and have clearly displayed the appropriate fire risk labels.
  • Safe electrical appliances. Every 5 years (or more frequently) landlords must produce a report (EICR) on the condition of all the electrical appliances within the property. This should be done by a professional electrician or approved contractor.
  • Water System: Must be working properly to prevent tenants from running the risk of legionella. This occurs when there is bacteria in water tanks, leading to water contamination.

Landlords must check that tenants have the right to rent in the UK. Failing to do so may lead to an unlimited fine and 5 years in jail.

At the start of the tenancy period, tenants need to be sent via mail or email, documents such as the gas certificate, EPC, Signed Tenancy Agreement and addendum (where applicable), and a How to Rent Guide. As well as this they will require contact details of the landlord, their address or the managing agent.

Protecting the tenant’s deposit is also another requirement. At Kronos Estate Agents you can choose to protect your tenants' deposit money with us. At the end of the tenant, the deposit money must be returned unless there is a dispute over the condition of the property or unpaid rent.

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