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New smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector regulations

New smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector regulations

What are the latest regulations?

The information we receive and share follow the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm Regulations 2015. We do not intend for this page to be seen as an authoritative interpretation of the law but hope to help landlords keep their property and tenants safe.

According to the latest government regulations:

  • There has to be at least one smoke alarm on every story of the building which is used as living accommodation.
  • A carbon monoxide alarm in every room containing a solid fuel burning combustion appliance. These appliances include wood heaters and fireplaces.
  • The alarms must be checked at the start of every tenancy.

How often do smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms need to be changed?

We recommend changing your smoke alarm every 10 years and carbon monoxide alarms every 7 years. Please note batteries will not last as long as the lifetime of the alarms.

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