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Finding the Best Tenant

Finding the Best Tenant
  • Our Screening Process

Our experienced negotiators can choose the most suitable applicant between several, through the first conversation. We understand the needs of specific landlords and work hard to meet their requirements.

  • Tenants have a stable job - check affordability

Kronos Estate Agents follow a screening process that allows us to rule out tenants we know would not be appropriate for the property. We also make sure we target a demographic to find tenants our landlords have in mind.
Tenants go through a thorough screening to ensure they can afford the monthly rent payment and have a stable job

  • Right to Rent

Before signing into a contract, landlords should make certain that the applicants have the right to rent in the UK and any documents inspected (Proof of ID) should be the original versions, not a copy.

  • Guarantor

Ask the tenants for a guarantor. Guarantors can be contacted if any rent arrears issue arises during the tenancy. They should be homeowners with stable income. Guarantors should also be credit checked to ensure they can afford the monthly rent payment if the tenants are not.

  • Pets or Smoking Roles

Having rules on activities that can take place in the property will help rule out potential tenants that are likely to disrespect the terms of the agreement. Having a no pet rule ensures tenants cannot leave your property foul-smelling and messy.

  • In it for the long run

Tenants who are looking to rent properties for a long period are more likely to be responsible and take care of the place where they are staying. Short stay tenants will most likely have little to no regard for the state in which it is left in. We suggest signing on with tenants who are looking for a long stay if this suits your needs.

If you're looking to the tenant for your property or looking for some additional support, get in touch today or call us on 0208 004 4477, and Kronos Estates can help.


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