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Who is responsible for Property & Garden maintenance

Who is responsible for Property & Garden maintenance

Disputes over property and garden maintenance have become increasingly common. Kronos Estate Agents want to do our part to make your lives easier so we’ve put together a handy guide which we hope will come in use!

Right from the get-go we suggest designing and manufacturing a garden which will be easy to maintain in the long-run. So avoiding planting hedges, trees and bushes, which will grow to a significant size at a rapid rate, will help tenants not have to worry about getting them trimmed and shaped regularly. We have also seen an increase in the number of people placing artificial grass instead of having real grass. This stops the need for the garden to be mowed on a monthly basis and keeps the garden from turning into a mud pit during periods of heavy rain and little sun.

Disputes between landlords and tenants over who is responsible for property and garden maintenance can easily be eradicated by having terms and conditions stated clearly when signing a tenancy agreement. Both parties can make a decision regarding the house and garden care, preventing the ability to blame either side down the line. As landlords, you can also contribute by providing garden supplies which can be secured away safely in a shed or storage container. We’ve also found that doing some extra research into what kind of paint, carpet and kitchen cabinets will last a long time, will save you and the tenants the struggle of having to replace them when peeling, chipping and damage occurs. The higher the quality of the product installed, the longer and better it will last for the future.

We also suggest finding responsible tenants who are invested in staying in the property and maintaining it to a high standard for a long period of time. This saves a lot of hassle with having to find new tenants on a regular basis and coming to an agreement on who is responsible for what. It is also worth setting up regular inspection dates so if any problems do arise, they can be easily fixed and stopped from escalating into a problem that would be a lot more costly.

We hope these tips will help those of you struggling with property and garden maintenance! If you have any questions about managing your tenants or looking for some additional support, get in touch today and Kronos Estates can help.


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