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How to avoiding void periods in your rental properties

How to avoiding void periods in your rental properties

Make sure your property is kept at a high standard.
Bathrooms and kitchens are often a massive factor in a potential tenant’s decision to rent the property out. It is worth investing in them, making sure they always look shiny, bright, and attractive. Use any void periods to do maintenance care, so you are taking advantage of that time to invest in your property. Giving your property a makeover does not have to be as costly as many think. Re-doing carpets and painting where necessary can add a significant amount to the value of your property.

Recognize Rental Patters
To landlords who rent out for students or working professionals, most rental periods are shorter. They may range from six months - a year and during summer the property may become vacant. So understanding seasonal changes and how this will affect when our property may be empty, will prevent void periods from becoming damaging and a liability rather than an investment.

Keep good tenants if you can!
If you currently have tenants who you have known for a while and trust very well, do your best to hold onto them! Ask them why they are looking to leave and you may find that you have other properties that may suit their needs. If they are looking to expand their family they may just require a bigger space. IF you can provide what they are looking for, the chances of them filling another property of yours will increase.

Build a good relationship with your current tenants
It goes without saying but the better your relationship with your tenants, the more likely they are going to stay at the property for a long period of time. Why would they look to move elsewhere if they are content with the treatment they’re receiving with you?

Consider letting your property on a multiple occupancy basis
Letting out each room of your property to individuals will lessen the impact of a tenant leaving. Rather than having to fill up an empty property, you only have one room to consider. HMOs, create a system where you are still receiving income from your investment, even if a tenant has left. It is also considerably cheaper to give a single room a makeover rather than a whole property. Making the room more aesthetically pleasing will easily attract working professionals or students looking to rent.

Act in advance.
When your tenant signs up, try and get them on a long let basis (at least a couple years). Before their tenancy is due to end, ask them months in advance what their plan is. This gives you time to advertise the property again and have tenants signed up to move in just after the current tenants move out.

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